9 Most Common Roof Types

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9 Most Common Types of Roofs

9 Common Choices for Roof Types

You rely on your roof to protect you and your property from bad weather, UV rays, and debris. The roofing you choose can also increase your home’s value, boost efficiency, and add storage space in the attic, so it’s important to make the right decision. 

Even if you just want more shade, our professionals at A+ Remodeling and Restoration can recommend the best roof and handle the installation. That way, you’ll get results you can trust that meet modern safety codes. 

Each type of roof has benefits to consider. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of your options when you call us today, or feel free to read through these 9 popular roof types to get started!

Hip Roof

These 4-sided roofs meet at a peak or ridge that slants downward. They’re usually made with metal, concrete, or asphalt. If you want something else, hip roofs can be constructed with a lot of materials.


  1. Good for shade
  2. Durable against snow, rain, and wind
  3. Can be mixed with other roof types for a unique outcome


  1. Can be more expensive due to complexity and materials
  2. Needs routine maintenance.

Gable Roof

Usually made with asphalt shingles, gable roofs are 2 sides that slope after meeting at a ridge. You can choose to have a side, cross, or Dutch gable roof when you want this style. Here are more basics of the gable roof to prove it’s worth considering:


  1. Numerous material options for construction
  2. Hold up well against snow and heavy rainfall
  3. Combine with other roof types to personalize your roof
  4. Affordable with reduced labor


  1. Needs regular maintenance and gutter cleanings
  2. Susceptible to heavy winds and hurricane weather

Jerkinhead Roof

These are also referred to as a clipped gable roof, which can be more complicated to build. Our team at A+ Remodeling and Restoration is prepared to install the popular option of asphalt shingles, or any other material you want.

They’re older, so they can be harder to build, which makes them more expensive. They’re also harder to vent properly, but Jerkinhead roofs are a bold statement that hold up against rain, wind, and snow. They also have great attic storage.


  1. Unique, older style
  2. Durable against snow, rain, and strong winds
  3. More storage in your attic


  1. Can be more expensive for labor and design
  2. Ventilation can be a problem

Bonnet Roof

The bonnet roof is a 4-sided style that slants out over the foundation. Because of that design, it’s great for shade and hanging things outside. Most homeowners choose to construct their bonnet roof with metal or asphalt shingles.

Routine maintenance can make sure that the ridge where the sides meet is waterproofed. Bonnet roofs are harder to build and the waterproofing can cost extra, but they’re durable and great for shade.


  1. Improved attic space
  2. Great for hanging decorations or feeders
  3. Durable roofing
  4. Provides more shade


  1. Maintenance can be expensive to keep waterproofing updated
  2. Initial waterproofing can have an additional cost

Barn Roof

You can put your barn, or gambrel, roof on a farmhouse, barn, or Cape Cod-style home. Think of a gable roof with asphalt shingles and 4 sides to protect your home and property. 


  1. Solid amount of attic storage
  2. Affordable roofing option


  1. Susceptible to strong winds and rainfall
  2. Needs to be waterproofed by our professionals

Saltbox Roof

To envision a saltbox roof, imagine a gable roof with one side larger than the other. Your slanted sides have no flat part, which makes them great for bigger houses. The common choice is asphalt shingles, but we can work with many materials for a saltbox roof. They’re also durable in snowy or wet areas with very few cons, so call us today for an estimate!

Shed Roof

Before you think this is just for a shed, you can put a skillion or lean-to roof on almost any barn or residential home that has a single flat slope. Popular materials for a shed roof are asphalt shingles and metal.


  1. Low-cost
  2. Modern aesthetic
  3. Good for solar panel installation


  1. Needs regular gutter cleaning
  2. Not great at withstanding heavy winds
  3. Limited attic space

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs have a rubber material that can be more expensive, but you’ll have a slight slope to put whatever rooftop features you want. You can choose solar panels, AC units, or even a garden on your flat roof.  


  1. Flat surface for feature options
  2. Durable
  3. Long-lasting


  1. Can cost more for material
  2. Susceptible to debris damage
  3. Doesn’t drain as easily

Butterfly Roof

Constructed with a downward V design, a butterfly roof is designed to repurpose runoff. With that concept, a lot of mid-century and modern home designs use the butterfly roof. Because of the purpose, you’ll need a waterproof material, like EPDM, TPO, rubber, or PVC.


  1. Repurpose and reuse water
  2. Easy to install solar panels on the surface
  3. Better drainage
  4. Holds up well against harsh winds


  1. Not ideal in snowy or rainy climates
  2. Needs to be maintenance routinely
  3. Installation and maintenance can be expensive

There are many roof types to choose from, with pros and cons to think about. With so many options, it can be overwhelming. Our experts at A+ Remodeling and Restoration know all about these roofs and can recommend the best choice for your needs when you give us a call today!

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