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Let’s be honest, no homeowner wants to have to deal with their roof needing to be repaired or replaced and we understand that. Because of that, when you hire A+ Remodeling and Restoration to be your roofing contractor in Angleton, TX we’ll try and fix your roof as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. When you’re ready to feel safer under your roof, call 979-997-5068 and talk to one of our trained staff for a free estimate!

When to Call an Angleton Roofing Contractor

It’s important you call an Angleton roofing contractor right away if you notice any damage or a leak. Many insurance companies are eager to have their claims adjuster onsite before your Angleton roofing contractor. This helps the insurance company negotiate a better outcome for themselves.

By having A+ Remodeling and Restoration onsite right away you’ll put yourself in the best position to maximize your claim.

Call us today or fill out the form if you’re in need of an Angleton roofing contractor. We offer free onsite inspections and, in many cases, we can even arrive on location the same day.

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Do You Need Angleton Roof Repair?

Many of our customers call in thinking they only need a repair when they really need an entire replacement. We offer a free inspection so you’ll know exactly what you need – whether it’s a fast Angleton roof repair, or a complete roof replacement.

Either way, fill out the form or call us today at 979-997-5068 if you are looking for help with roofing in Angleton.

Feel Secure with Your Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX

We want you to be able to trust us and know that we’re the best, so we believe in complete transparency with our customers. You can see all of the overwhelmingly positive reviews on sites like Google or HomeAdvisor, but the short version is that we’re the best at what we do.

However, we also know we’re not the only roofing contractors in Angleton, TX and they’re all trying to get your business. When you’re looking for a contractor, you want to make sure you find one that’s established in the community and great customer satisfaction. Beyond that, though, here’s a piece of free advice:

We might not be the first roofing company you’ve gone to, but don’t let them fool you with a premature estimate. When you call us, we’ll send out an expert roofer that will give your property a serious walkthrough before giving the estimate. We want to spot any roofing damages or potential issues that could arise in the near future so that you don’t have to deal with all of this again in a few months.

Once we start working on your roof, we want you to know we’re fixing everything and giving you results that you can feel safe with you or your family living under.  Whether that’s underlayment, roofing materials, or rotting wood, we’ll find it in our inspection and do it all!

What to Expect From Your Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX

We’ve earned the A+ in our name because of the amount of services we offer to fix your roof and the quality that we deliver every single time. We want you to know what you have to look forward to when you hire us, though, so that you can know what’s coming. Even if you’ve had it done before, it’s still nice to have a refresher on the stages of the process.

  1. The first step is to figure out the state of your roof’s decking, because that’s the foundation of your roof. We’ll do any repairs of replacements of the wood before building onto it.
  2. Many homeowners don’t know that there’s a layer between the deck and shingles called the underlayment, which is an extra layer of protection from water damage. That’s what we’ll work on next if necessary.
  3. Now comes the part that you’ve seen: The roofing materials. We’ll lay shingles from the bottom to the top of your ridge cap, which is where the roof meets. The whole thing can take a few days in total, depending.
  4. With your roof replaced successfully, we’ll check the ground below and do our best to clean after we’re done. 
  5. This step separates the professionals from other roofing contractors in Angleton, TX. Our team will give a final inspection to make sure that everything was fixed and we didn’t miss anything. We strive for perfection to let you know you’re secure.

If that sounds like the kind of effort and quality you want in your roofing contractor, call A+ Remodeling and Restoration today at 979-997-5068 to talk to our trained staff and schedule a free inspection and estimate!

Why Choose A+ as your Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX?

Unmatched Roofing Expertise in Angleton, TX

Choosing A+ Remodeling and Restoration means selecting unmatched expertise in the roofing industry. As the foremost Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX, we bring years of experience and a deep understanding of roofing complexities to every project. Our commitment to using high-quality materials and the latest techniques ensures that every roof we work on is built to last, providing maximum protection and aesthetic appeal.

Our team works closely with each client, ensuring that every aspect of their roofing needs is addressed with precision and care. From initial inspection to final installation or repair, A+ Remodeling and Restoration stands by your side, offering guidance, support, and exceptional craftsmanship that exceeds expectations. We understand the importance of your home’s roof, and we pledge to treat it with the utmost respect and professionalism, ensuring a safe, secure, and beautifully maintained roof for years to come.

With A+ Remodeling and Restoration, your Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your home’s well-being and your complete satisfaction. Trust us to deliver excellence, one shingle at a time, ensuring your roof is in the best possible condition to protect what matters most to you.

Roofing Inspection and Maintenance

The Critical Role of Roof Inspections

As your trusted Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX, we cannot overstate the importance of regular roofing inspections. These assessments are vital for identifying potential issues early on, preventing minor problems from becoming major headaches. By ensuring your roof is in top condition, we extend its lifespan and protect the safety and security of your home. A+ Remodeling and Restoration is committed to offering thorough inspection and maintenance services that keep your roof performing its best throughout the year.

Prolonging Your Roof’s Lifespan

Regular maintenance by A+ Remodeling and Restoration, your expert Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX, is essential for prolonging the lifespan of your roof. Our specialized team conducts detailed inspections to catch and address any sign of wear or damage early, preventing costly repairs or replacements down the line. Trust us to maintain the integrity of your roof with our unmatched expertise and commitment to excellence.

Roof Repair Services

Comprehensive Repair Solutions

Facing roofing issues can be daunting, but with A+ Remodeling and Restoration, your go-to Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX, you’re in capable hands. Whether it’s leaks, missing shingles, or wear and tear, our comprehensive repair services cover all bases. We understand the urgency of these problems and offer prompt, reliable solutions to restore your roof’s integrity and performance.

Expertise in Common Roofing Challenges

Our extensive experience allows us to quickly diagnose and resolve common roofing challenges, ensuring your home remains safe and secure. As the premier Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX, A+ Remodeling and Restoration prioritizes your peace of mind by delivering quality repair services tailored to your specific needs. Count on us to address any issue with efficiency and professionalism, minimizing inconvenience and maximizing protection for your home.

Roof Replacement

When the time comes for a roof replacement, trust A+ Remodeling and Restoration, your Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX, to guide you through the process with expertise and care. Recognizing the signs that your roof needs replacing is crucial, such as extensive wear, leaks, and damage. We offer a variety of materials to choose from, ensuring that your new roof not only meets but exceeds your expectations for durability and aesthetic appeal. Our step-by-step approach ensures a smooth, efficient replacement process, giving you peace of mind and a roof that stands the test of time.

Roof Installation for New Homes

Building a new home in Angleton, TX? Partner with A+ Remodeling and Restoration for your roofing installation needs. We specialize in collaborating with homeowners to select the perfect materials and designs that complement your home’s architecture and your personal style. Our team is committed to delivering top-notch installations that enhance the beauty and functionality of your new home, ensuring it’s protected from the elements from day one.

Enhanced Roofing Solutions

Stay ahead with A+ Remodeling and Restoration’s advanced roofing solutions. As the leading Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX, we’re proud to offer the latest in roofing technology and materials that boost energy efficiency, increase durability, and elevate your home’s value. Options like reflective roofing materials, architectural shingles, and innovative insulation techniques are designed to provide superior protection and performance, making your home more comfortable and cost-effective year-round.

Overview of Major Shingle Manufacturers

Choosing the right shingles is crucial for the longevity and performance of your roof. A+ Remodeling and Restoration works with leading manufacturers to bring you a wide range of options:

  • Owens Corning: Known for innovation and comprehensive warranty coverage, Owens Corning sets the standard for quality and reliability in roofing materials.
  • GAF: With a wide variety of styles and a reputation for durability, GAF shingles are a popular choice among homeowners for their proven reliability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Atlas: Atlas shingles incorporate advanced technology and are designed for superior durability, offering long-lasting protection against the elements.
  • CertainTeed: For those seeking premium materials and a wide range of design options, CertainTeed offers a diverse portfolio of shingles that combine beauty with performance.

By choosing A+ Remodeling and Restoration, your Roofing Contractor in Angleton, TX, you’re ensuring your roof is built with quality materials backed by the industry’s best warranties. Whether you’re repairing, replacing, or installing a new roof, we’re here to provide you with the best solutions and service in the market.

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Great job very affordable, fast and professional! Did four doors, an attic door, garage drywall and the spigot outside among other things. 10/10 would recommend and will be using them again for sure!

-Kevin M.

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They are friendly, cordial, respectful and I am very pleased with their work.

-Nancy H., Bathroom Remodel