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There comes a time when every home needs a little updating, but where to start? People don’t realize how much time they spend in their kitchen or how much trends have changed since the last time they thought about the design elements.

Regardless of the overall idea, your color scheme, or the style you want to go with, modern kitchens all follow the theme that less is more. A+ Remodeling and Restoration is here to help with your kitchen redesign and suggestions for simplicity. Call us today at 979-997-5068 about scheduling your free estimate.

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The idea behind minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean to get rid of everything, but rather to keep things simple. A lot of homeowners think that the size of their kitchen limits them from coming up with an interesting or unique design, but that’s far from the truth.

In fact, small kitchens mean that storage is key. Anything that can be built-in or tucked away when not in use should be, like small appliances. If you have a cramped dining area, a basic table and chair set can still look elegant with the right choices.

Kitchen remodeling Pearland, TX has seen 2 main themes in the last year: High Tech and Ecostyle. The latter idea is to make your kitchen closer to nature with Earthy colors and textures, from browns and greens to shades of blue and potted plants.

Where tablecloths and curtains fit in with the Ecostyle, they have no place in a High Tech design. Think clinically, with smooth surfaces and basic, cold colors like blue or gray. Compact glass objects can fill the space instead of plants.

Splash Some Color on Your Kitchen Remodeling Pearland, TX

The most popular shades of the modern kitchen are basic: Black, white, and gray. Black is one of those colors that goes with everything and really puts the focus on the things in the room, from lighting to furniture. It also blends nicely with the other 2 color schemes.

White is great for Ecostyle or High Tech because it can keep with the surgical tone of the latter or pop with the natural colors of the former. If you want your plants and linens to really stand out, call us today about your white backdrop.

Because it’s a mix of the 2, gray walls can also go with almost any coordinated effort. Keep in mind that the frequent design choices lately have been pieces with a dark blue or green involved, from hanging decorations to ornamentation.

Materialistic Minimalism Reigns Supreme

The materials used to construct your kitchen remodeling Pearland, TX and we’ve got a few of the best suggestions here. Think about the previous themes and color schemes or give us a call to let our experts figure out what would go best in your space.

  1. Metal. You might immediately think that this would make your kitchen feel cold, but there are several metals that can bring warmth and tie things together. By going well with wood and marble, you can accent your kitchen with a brass or steel finish.
  2. Nature. Speaking of what pairs well with metal elements, natural furniture and set pieces made of wood or marble can give your kitchen a very unique texture. As your kitchen remodelers in Pearland, TX, we can make your kitchen feel like an island getaway.
  3. Handle-less. This is one of the more technological approaches to kitchens in the modern world, with cabinets being push-to-open. By removing handles from the space, it places the focus on the overall feel of the room and can be quite relaxing.
  4. Glass. The concept of this material puts a mirrored finish on the kitchen, where shiny counters go nicely with a marble top. It also gives an extra layer of protection, though it lacks the warmth of others on this list.
  5. Island focal point. Since the island of your kitchen can dominate the space depending on how much room you have, the idea here is to lean into that. Structure your cabinets and housewares around it to form a linear space.
  6. Level up. A lot of appliances tend to get left out simply due to not enough storage space, but multiple levels of depth in your kitchen can remove this problem. A cabinet over a countertop with a mezzanine above that give your kitchen remodeling Pearland, TX more room. And who doesn’t want that?

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