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The truth is that nothing is permanent and no matter how old or new your home is, your roof won’t be around forever. Shingles can crack or fall off, flashing leaks, and wood can rot, so someday you’ll need a roofing contractor in Alvin, TX.  When that day comes, you can feel confident with A+ Remodeling and Restoration so give us a call at 979-997-5068 today to schedule your free inspection and estimate!

Quality Roofing Contractor in Alvin, TX

Before the Internet, companies had to rely on word of mouth within a community to spread information. These days, you’ll find those same thoughts on sites like HomeAdvisor and Google where our customers have left positive reviews for years. Of course, we’re not the only company and there are a lot of contractors that want your business.

We want to give you what you need to make the best decision, so there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re searching:

  1. How many years of experience do they have with roofing?
  2. Do they have a majority of positive reviews from customers? Do any of those reviews say what you need by name?
  3. What else does the contractor bring to the table? Do they have any manufacturer partnerships that might translate to savings for you?

We encourage you to ask those questions about us, because we know you’ll feel even more confident about hiring us for your roofing needs. We’re not one of those companies that will send someone out and immediately give you an estimate, because that wouldn’t be honest. Our inspectors know what to look for when doing a thorough search of your home, like weakened beams, missing shingles, and water spots.

After we’ve found every sign of damages, we’ll give you an estimate that’s close to the final number based on how many materials will be needed and how much work it will take. If you want a free inspection and estimate you can trust, call us today at 979-997-5068!

What Your Roofing Contractor in Alvin, TX Will Do For You

We don’t have the name A+ Remodeling and Restoration for no reason, because we strive for customer satisfaction with every roof we work on. A lot of that comes down to the details, like knowing that you might not be familiar with the process of a roof repair. After we know what your roof needs, here’s a quick idea of what you can expect from us:

  1. Your roof deck is responsible for holding your roof up, so it’s more important than anything else. If it needs any repairs, we’ll get those done first to start with a strong foundation.
  2. Underlayment is the next layer, because the sheathing acts as a second line of defense against water and leaks.
  3. Roofing materials go on top of the sheathing, with the most popular being asphalt shingles. Of course, we’ll be happy to do whatever material you want, but the process is to start at the bottom and work our way to the top of your roof. The materials needed and how big your roof is can make your roof replacement in Alvin, TX take more time, so keep that in mind.
  4. The first thing we’ll do when we get there is lay out a tarp for falling pieces and debris, so we’ll clean it up when we’re done. Once the tarp is up, we’ll look over your yard for anything missed.
  5. Details matter, so before we leave our team will do another check of your roof to make sure it’s A+ quality.

Your satisfaction matters to us when you hire A+ Remodeling and Restoration for your roofing needs. If you want results you can be proud of, call 979-997-5068 today and schedule your free inspection and estimate!

Service Areas

  • HQ: Angleton, TX
  • Pearland, TX
  • Alvin, TX
  • Brazoria, TX
  • Danbury, TX
  • Lake Jackson, TX
  • Richwood, TX
  • Rosharon, TX
  • Sugar Land, TX
  • Sweeny, TX
  • West Columbia, TX
  • …we service the entire greater Houston area!

About A Plus Remodeling and Restoration

A Plus Remodeling and Restoration was founded in 2017 by Tyler Kivi. He brings over a decade of contracting experience to the table. His goal is to provide the area with remodeling and renovation services that exceed expectations. 

“Most of our work comes in as referrals thanks to the good reputation we’ve built up over the years.” -Tyler Kivi

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Great job very affordable, fast and professional! Did four doors, an attic door, garage drywall and the spigot outside among other things. 10/10 would recommend and will be using them again for sure!

-Kevin M.

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A+ Remodeling and Restoration



They are friendly, cordial, respectful and I am very pleased with their work.

-Nancy H., Bathroom Remodel