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If you’re new to the world of owning a home or you’ve been there for a while, your roof has an expiration date and it usually doesn’t wait for the best time to fall apart. Whatever the case, when it’s time to look for a roofing contractor in Brazoria, TX you’ve come to the right place with A+ Remodeling and Restoration. Our customer reviews show that we’re as good as we say we are, so schedule your free inspection today by calling 979-997-5068!

You've Found Your Roofing Contractor in Brazoria, TX

The best way to know if you could trust a company with your work used to be knowing someone that worked with them. These days, however, the Internet is the go-to source for reviews. HomeAdvisor and Google are great sites to check, and you’ll see how satisfied our customers are by their positive reviews. Still, we know we’re not the only roofing contractor in Brazoria, TX and we’ve got some serious competitors.

We want to help you make the best decision, so there are a few things you might want to think about when looking:

  1. How long has the company been established in the community and working?
  2. Do they have at least 50 positive reviews? Do any of those reviews talk about what you need done?
  3. What other services does that contractor offer? Do they have any manufacturer deals to get you better pricing?

We feel confident helping our customers make a decision because we’ve got great answers for all those questions. While some contractors will give an estimate without ever looking at your home, we prefer to treat you like we’d want to be treated. Our experts will do a complete check of your home and make sure that any damages or potential damage is noted.

From water stains and mold to physical damage, we want the estimate to cover everything that we’ll need to fix. Not only does that get our number as close to accurate as possible for materials and repairs, but it’ll help with your insurance. You have nothing to lose when you call us at 979-997-5068 for a free estimate today!

What to Expect From Your Roofing Contractor in Brazoria, TX

One thing that separates us from our competition is how far we go to make sure you’re satisfied with the results of our work. We try to earn the A+ in our name with every homeowner that hires us, and that starts by being as transparent as possible. Whether you’ve never had your roof fixed or it’s been a few years, here’s a better idea of our process once you’ve given us a call:

  1. When we arrive, we’ll lay down a tarp in your yard to catch fallen nails, wood, debris, or anything else we plan to take away when we’re done.
  2. After the previous materials are removed, we’ll look closely at your roof deck for signs of water damage or wear. Considering it’s responsible for holding your roof up, it’s important to fix that before anything else.
  3. Sheathing goes over that, which is referred to as underlayment. The sheathing is meant to better protect your roof from leaks.
  4. The next step is to install whatever roofing materials you choose, with the most common being asphalt shingles. Beginning with “starter shingles,” we’ll place the first line of shingles at the bottom and work our way up your roof. Something to keep in mind is that the timetable for a roof replacement varies depending on how many materials will be needed or the size and shape of your roof.
  5. Once the roof is installed, we’ll clean up the area and make sure we haven’t missed anything. With that done, we’ll remove the tarp.
  6. We believe in being thorough for our customers, so we always perform one final check to make sure the roof is up to our standards.

Our detail-oriented process is unmatched and our results speak for themselves. Call A+ Remodeling and Restoration today at 979-997-5068 and schedule your free inspection and estimate today! You’ll be happy that you did!

Service Areas

  • HQ: Angleton, TX
  • Pearland, TX
  • Alvin, TX
  • Brazoria, TX
  • Danbury, TX
  • Lake Jackson, TX
  • Richwood, TX
  • Rosharon, TX
  • Sugar Land, TX
  • Sweeny, TX
  • West Columbia, TX
  • …we service the entire greater Houston area!

About A Plus Remodeling and Restoration

A Plus Remodeling and Restoration was founded in 2017 by Tyler Kivi. He brings over a decade of contracting experience to the table. His goal is to provide the area with remodeling and renovation services that exceed expectations. 

“Most of our work comes in as referrals thanks to the good reputation we’ve built up over the years.” -Tyler Kivi

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Great job very affordable, fast and professional! Did four doors, an attic door, garage drywall and the spigot outside among other things. 10/10 would recommend and will be using them again for sure!

-Kevin M.

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A+ Remodeling and Restoration



They are friendly, cordial, respectful and I am very pleased with their work.

-Nancy H., Bathroom Remodel