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Trust Your Roofing Contractor in Pearland, TX

Whether you’ve been living in your home for decades or just moved in to find out the previous owner didn’t take care of their roof, nothing was made to last forever. Either way, you’ll need a roofing contractor in Pearland, TX at some point and you won’t find better than A+ Remodeling and Restoration. When you’re ready for the best in the business to replace your roof, call 979-997-5068 and schedule a free inspection today!

Get to Know Your Roofing Contractor in Pearland, TX

If you really want to know more about a company before you hire them, the best source is word of mouth. Thanks to technology, though, you can get the same information on sites like Google and HomeAdvisor where you’ll find all of the positive reviews left by our customers over the years.

Of course, every business field has competition and roofing contractors in Pearland, TX are no different. Our customers come first and we want you to make an informed decision, so take a look at what the contractor offers, how long they’ve been doing it, and how many reviews they have that specifically mention the roofing needs you have.

Once you ask those questions about us, you’ll quickly see how much we stand out and know you’ll be in the best hands for your roof replacement. Some contractors will come out and give you an estimate without giving a thorough examination of your home, but you should never trust that number or that contractor.

Before anyone works on your roof, they should have gone through and noted any damage, mold, and water marks on your roof or in your attic. That way, we can give a close estimate by knowing the amount of materials needed and the full extent of the damages. Call us for a free, quality estimate today.

A Step-By-Step Roofing Contractor in Pearland, TX

If there’s one thing that we’re proud of at A+ Remodeling and Restoration, it’s our attention to detail that makes us earn our customers’ satisfaction when we’re done. Still, we know that many homeowners haven’t had roof work done or maybe it’s just been a while. Whatever the case, here are the steps of our roofing work once we’ve figured out what needs done:

  1. If the wood of your deck needs work, that’s the first and most important part to get replaced. It holds up the rest of your roof and keeps you safe, which is the priority.
  2. Next comes the underlayment, which is a sheathing that goes over your wood as an added layer to keep leaks out.
  3. Shingles or whatever roofing material you choose will go over the underlayment as the final protection from the elements. If you’re wondering how that goes, we start at the bottom of your roof and lay them down until we get to the apex of your roof. Remember that a roof replacement in Pearland, TX can take days depending on the size of your roof and materials.
  4. We’ll lay down a tarp beforehand to catch anything that falls and, when we’re done, we’ll clean up any materials that are left and check the ground for fallen nails, etc.
  5. Once all of the roof replacement is done, we’ll do one final sweep of your property to confirm the quality work that we’re known for.

A+ Remodeling and Restoration will go above and beyond to earn your business and satisfaction, so give us a call today at 979-997-5068 to get started with a free inspection and estimate that you can trust!

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About A Plus Remodeling and Restoration

A Plus Remodeling and Restoration was founded in 2017 by Tyler Kivi. He brings over a decade of contracting experience to the table. His goal is to provide the area with remodeling and renovation services that exceed expectations. 

“Most of our work comes in as referrals thanks to the good reputation we’ve built up over the years.” -Tyler Kivi

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Great job very affordable, fast and professional! Did four doors, an attic door, garage drywall and the spigot outside among other things. 10/10 would recommend and will be using them again for sure!

-Kevin M.

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They are friendly, cordial, respectful and I am very pleased with their work.

-Nancy H., Bathroom Remodel